Richard A. Mitchell
Vice President, General Counsel | Beacon Industries
Richard A. Mitchell | Vice President, General Counsel, Beacon Industries

Richard Mitchell is the Vice President and General Counsel for The Beacon Group, Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary Beacon Industries, Inc. a precision aerospace machining supplier that manufactures aerospace turbine engine and turbo-machinery precision components. Mr. Mitchell joined Beacon Industries in 2004 and has become an integral part of its success. An expert in business law, strategic alliance and licensing, and intellectual property, Mr. Mitchell is responsible for being intimately involved with daily operations and in the overall growth of the company, which includes recent acquisitions, equity investments, and corporate governance and compliance serving as Corporate Secretary. He also oversees Human Resources, IT/ERP, EH&S and Quality Assurance. Mr. Mitchell attributes his success to his work ethic and dedication instilled in him by his parents. He also had numerous prominent mentors early in his career who shaped him into the leader he is today. Looking toward the future, Mr. Mitchell intends to be a key executive in a diversified multinational company, or run a division within one.

Richard A. Mitchell
Vice President, General Counsel
Beacon Industries
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